LMK Thermosafe Ltd manufacture a wide range of drum and container heating products used in process industries world-wide, including Flexible Heating Jackets in a variety of sizes, materials, power levels and voltages.

Custom size Flexible Heating JacketThe Flexible Heating Jackets are so versatile that they can be specifically tailored to fit a multitude of different containers suitable for virtually any size and specifications. This bespoke service offers ideal solutions for customers requiring non-standard containers to be heated as rapidly as possible and efficiently insulated.

Custom Flexible Heating JacketOuter surfaces of each jacket utilise tough, water resistant nylon materials, inner layers are manufactured using unique coated glass cloths for protection from chemicals and long-term temperature durability. All heating jackets utilise high efficiency insulation to reduce heat-loss to a minimum, therefore we can also provide unheated insulated covers to fit containers where electrical power is not required or not available.

For heating solutions in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas we offer the ATEX approved Thermosafe Induction Drum Heater or  Inteliheat jackets.

Custom Size Flexible Heating JacketHowever big or small the application, our development team based at our UK headquarters can adapt tried and tested designs to produce the best results. A wide standard range is available from stock to fit 25, 50, 100 or 205 litre drums as well as 1000 litre IBC containers and totes. Heating Jackets are also available for special gas cylinder applications.

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