The THERMOSAFE and FARATHERM Induction Heaters use induction and therefore have no heating elements. The maximum temperature they reach is self-limiting, and in the majority of applications additional control is not required. If temperature control is necessary we offer a range of options including the BF400 Power Controller and the ProxATEX Digital Temperature Controller.

BF400 Power Controller – Low cost solution for most installations

BF400 Power ControllerUniquely designed for use with the THERMOSAFE and FARATHERM Induction Heaters. Open loop control that is simple to install and use, ideal for most applications where a drum needs to be maintained at an operational temperature for a period of time.

Burst firing controller enabling adjustment of heater output (0-100%). Selecting 50% will ensure the heater is on for 50% of the time (eg. on for 30 seconds and off for 30 seconds), therefore reducing the maximum drum temperature. Near zero-crossing switching minimizes supply disturbance. Integrated 25A mcb for circuit protection.

Whilst the BF400 must be situated in a safe area, (usually in the area/room where fuses and switchgear are located) the THERMOSAFE and FARATHERM heaters can still be operated in the hazardous zone. The standard supply cable length is 5m, but a longer cable can be fitted on request if the safe area is further away.

ProxATEX ATEX/IECEx/UKCAEx Certified Temperature Controller – New Patented High Current Hazardous Area Controller

ProxATEX Temp Controller
This ATEX and IECEx certified controller is ideal for use with our Thermosafe, Faratherm or InteliHeat FlexiPlus products and other heating equipment installed in potentially explosive atmospheres. The device features Near Field Communication (NFC) which allows operators and site managers to set the key parameters of the device quickly and easily using pre-programmed cards. Simply hold the credit card sized NFC cards close to the front of the controller and the settings are instantly updated. This also makes the controller “Covid-secure”!

Two NFC cards will be provided pre-programmed to the users settings. Additional cards can be supplied with alternative settings, and optionally, a dedicated smart phone or tablet with our embedded interface can be purchased to permit customer programming on site. The simple 3 – button interface on the front of the device can be used to adjust set point and other parameters whilst the device is operational WITHIN THE HAZARDOUS AREA, plus for additional security these push buttons can be disabled or limited. Dependent on the heater size and configuration, the ProxATEX can be preinstalled directly onto the heater, mounted onto a wall, or alternatively a pre-wired single pillar roaming controller stand can be supplied for multi-location applications.

Features include:

-Digital display to show measured values and other parameters

-Lock function with password to ensure settings remain unchanged

-Adjustable timers for delayed start, and soak period

-Maximum power output adjustable 0 – 100%

-1 or 2 thermocouple input options

-Setpoint offset & Hysteresis adjustment for custom control environments

IP66 ingress protection  |  Measurement range: 0–200°C  |  Ambient: -20°C to +40°C

25A: II 2 (1) GD Ex mb [ia] IIC T3 Gb Ex mb [ia] IIIC T155°C Db (Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22)

15A: II 2 (1) GD Ex mb [ia] IIC T4 Gb Ex mb [ia] IIIC T135°C Db (Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22)

Also available with UL/CSA standard certifications for use in North America.