The THERMOSAFE heats by induction and therefore has no heating elements, the maximum temperature is self-limiting. In the vast majority of applications additional control is not required. If temperature control is necessary, a number of options are available:

BF400 Power Controller – Low cost solution for most installations

BF400 Power ControllerUniquely designed for use with the THERMOSAFE heater. Open loop control that is simple to install and use, ideal for most applications where a drum needs to be maintained at an operational temperature for a period of time.

Burst firing controller enabling adjustment of heater output (0-100%). Selecting 50% will ensure the heater is on for 50% of the time (eg. on for 30 seconds and off for 30 seconds), therefore reducing the maximum drum temperature. Near zero-crossing switching minimizes supply disturbance. Integrated 25A mcb for circuit protection.

Whilst the BF400 must be situated in a safe area, (usually in the room where fuses and switchgear are located) the THERMOSAFE heater can still be operated in a hazardous area. The standard supply cable length is 5m, but a longer cable can be fitted on request if the safe area is further away.

ATEX Certified Temperature Controller – Comprehensive solution for hazardous areas

ATEX Temperature ControllerComprehensive ATEX approved closed loop controller facilitating all likely combinations of temperature and power control. Features digital on-off temperature control, over temperature shut off (temperature set by manufacturer), relay temperature alarm and a full wave power controller with zero crossing switching.

Supplied as a kit of parts for the customer to assemble, including

2 x 3m PT100 magnetic temperature sensors to be placed on drum wall and ATEX cable glands / blanking plugs.

Simple adjustment of temperature set point by removing enclosure lid. (while in safe area)

Can be installed in ATEX zones 1 and 2

Ex II 2 G D  Ex e ib [ib Gb] mb IIC T4    Ex tb IIIC IP 6X T90°C Db

These control options may also be suitable for other products, contact us for more information.