LMK Thermosafe Ltd has built a strong global reputation for quality and high reliability, designing, and manufacturing hazardous area certified industrial heaters for over 30 years.

Herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are very closely controlled by all national and EU licencing authorities. There are serious health and safety implications for incorrect storage, use, or disposal. Ingredients may include pendimethalin, chlorpyrifos & surfactants.
Manufacturers in the global Agrochemicals Industry have purchased specialist heaters from LMK Thermosafe Ltd where process audits and safety dictate that the highest standards are maintained at all times during production and blending. Potentially explosive ingredients in steel drums need to be heated to very precise temperatures as fast as possible. The safety and repeatability of performance of our THERMOSAFE® Heaters are ideal for these tasks.

In some sectors, solvent free formulations have required new raw materials to be blended into the batch. These are often semi-solids delivered in 1000 litre IBC’s and require heating to over 40ºC to liquefy and agitate for consistency prior to pumping.  The “Thermulate” IBC3 has been carefully designed and tested to meet the stringent needs of such processes.

A factory manager at one large plant stated:
“We have used Thermosafe drum heaters for over twelve years and know they will be safe and reliable. In recent years, their flexible heating jackets have proven to be equally reliable heating IBC’s of very viscous materials”