Founded in 1983, Anglia Oils are now a significant supplier of palm and soft oils in the UK market. Investments at their edible oils refinery at King George Dock, Hull, has not only dramatically increased capacity and flexibility in production, but has taken Anglia into completely new markets.

In their bakery products business, Thermosafe induction heaters are used to heat drums of lecithin, an additive used in the manufacture of a specialist butter type cooking oil. The lecithin needs to be carefully heated to a per-selected temperature for optimum viscosity, and it must then be introduced to the final mix at accurately controlled flow rates. Eratic or inaccurate heating could have devastating effects on the additive as well as on the final product itself.

The Thermosafe heater is ideally suited for this task. The heater is placed in position over the drum, and because it operates on the induction principle, the heater itself always remains cooler than the drum.

There are no hot spots, no flames, no heating elements, and no fire risk. These are all vital safety features much appreciated by employers and employees alike.

The Thermosafe process is also safer for the product. Its heating effect is uniform, infinitely controllable, and will not degrade the contents of the drum through overheating.

Anglia employ an effective method of ensuring the accuracy of the mixing rate. The Thermosafe heater and the drum containing the lecithin are mounted on a load cell which guarantees accurate flow measurement, far more efficiently than the usual flow meter device.  The load cell is in turn linked to a microprocessor control unit which enables Anglia to accurately pre-set temperature levels and flow rates.

Thermosafe Induction heaters are the only drum heaters available certified for use in explosive atmospheres (Zones 1 & 2), and IP66 enclosure protection allows for hosing down and use outside.